Honeywell Replacement Filter - Case of 5


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Product Overview

Our Honeywell replacement filters feature the high quality of our pleated filter matched with an enhanced 5" frame, designed to fit Honeywell air cleaner units.

Each one of our pleated filters is made with either a minimum of Merv 11 efficiency or odour-fighting carbon, to ensure our customers always have the quality they need, for the great prices they want.

Like any other Canada Fine Filters product, our Honeywell Replacement Filter has free shipping to your door.


  • Our high efficiency filter material
  • Extra-sturdy frame with strong "beverage board" style backing to ensure durability
  • Pleat separators to ensure maximum surface area exposure

The 16" X 25" X 5" filter fits Honeywell models FC100A1029, F150E1026, FC35A1001 FC100A1029.

The 20" X 25" X 5" filter fits Honeywell models F50A1066, F50E1141, F50E1166, F50E6066, F50E8005, F50E8047, F50F1065, F50F1081, F55A1384, F55A1400, F55A1434, F55F1003, F55F1037, F300A2025, F300E1035


Comes in packs of 5.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review