12 x 20 x 1 Pleated Furnace Filters - Case of 6


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Product Overview

Pleated Furnace Filters

12" x 20" x 1"

Merv 11 and Merv 13 Media

Our high quality 1" pleated filters are made to help you breathe easier.

Each one of our pleated filters is made with either a minimum of Merv 11 efficiency and 95% arrestance or odour-fighting carbon, to ensure our customers always have the quality they need, for the great prices they want.

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  • Our high efficiency polypropylene filter media material
  • Galvanized steel mesh backing to enhance media strength and durability
  • Sturdy frame with strong "beverage board" style backing to ensure durability
  • Ideal for same-sized furnaces and air conditioners

Why use a pleated filter instead of a regular throwaway furnace filter?

  • They actually clean the air - Ever notice how long some throwaway filters last?  That's because they only remove the largest particles, allowing everything else into your furnace and into your air.
  • They hold more dust before clogging up - Throwaway filters that actually do remove particles from the air can only hold 25-35% as much dust as a pleated filter before needing a change.
  • No fibers - The fiberglass media used in some throwaway filters can actually release some fiberglass particles.  Pleated furnace filter media is thermally bonded and will not shed any fibers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review