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Paint Booth Ceiling Filters

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Product Overview

Our ceiling filter diffusion media is the pride of our paint booth filtration line.  Featuring a unique, progressive structure with increasing density, it boasts enhanced lifespan, efficiency and heat resistance.  Backed by a scrim to increase durability and rated for up to 120°C (248°F), this media will keep your intake clear and particle free.

The media can be ordered pre-cut to any size.  If you don't see the size for your booth here, please contact us with the dimensions of diffusion media you need. 

*Panels have a wire frame and an extra layer of poly media.*

 Prices are per piece/panel.


  • Progressive structure for enhanced efficiency and durability
  • Rated for up to 120°C (248°F)
  • 100% silicon-free




(No reviews yet) Write a Review